The heart and soul of this organization are its volunteers, charitable contributors, and of course the veteran men and women whom we are trying to help.  Our Board of Directors is a strong consortium of vets whose goal is to see the aspirations of this org are met with success. Our volunteers  and charitable contributors consist of dedicated veterans, inspired civilians, and generous companies who share a unique desire to inspire, motivate, and serve those in need of our services.  Without all of them, we are nothing and it is for that reason we graciously and humbly thank everyone involved in this heartfelt endeavor.

Memorial Day Remember & Honor Event

Fractal Design Vector RS PC Case and Black Eagle Goodes Medium Roast Coffee

Three Winners chosen


Who We Are & What We Do


Charlie Mike – Providing veterans with the gear they need to fulfill their mission.  Computers, parts, peripherals, accessories and more.

Operator – Career development, training, education and promotion of veterans looking to enter the esports, social iunfluence(streaming, etc.) and tech related fields.

Deployed – Sending veterans to job fairs, expos and conventions, allowing them to meet people in the industry and showcase their talent and drive for success in their field.


Meet the wonderful people who make these services possible with their tireless efforts geared solely towards empowering veterans and making their lives better by allowing them to pursue their goals and dreams.

Each of them are veterans themselves, and they have gracefully chosen to use their skill and expertise to give back to the community which they proudly served.


GRUNTO Corps is a fairly new concept, but we have already been able to help out a few very deserving veterans.  If you would like to see what your gracious contributions provide, then this is where you’ll find it.  We hope to have so many success stories that the information is overwhelming, but we can’t do that without your help.  If you have helped, we can’t thank you enough.  This is our mission, and every little bit helps.