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Grunto Corps Programs


  • Coach/Management Development: Training with eSports professionals and/or training with overall competition level players.
  • Professional Player Development: Learn from professional eSports players on in game tactics in today’s META (style of gameplay). Train within a professional team as a sub or academy member. Performance may result in being “called up”. Creation of Gameplay Content (videos) to increase their marketable potential for teams and sponsors. Train the player in public appearance to include, but not limited to; how to stream, streamer etiquette, engaging with their fan base and how to conduct oneself at events/fairs to help with marketability and networking.
  • Streamer/Content Creator: Provide a full setup of the veteran’s stream to include premade overlays, setup of programs (OBS, Streamlabs etc.). Provide information on skills and proven tips to utilize while streaming to increase the probability of success.  Instruct veterans on marketing tools and tips to include setting up appropriate social media sites, networking, scheduling etc.


When veterans utilize this program they get an opportunity to show their knowledge, skills and abilities in person. GRUNTo Corps provides the veteran a paid trip to an event or job fair that will help them to be successful. It allows veterans to experience networking, working with other passionate veterans that are, “deployed” and have fun. While the veteran is on site they as well will raise awareness about GRUNTo Corps and how others may be able to get involved to support veterans and the mission.

Charlie Mike

Charlie Mike is about providing veteran’s products they need to help them further in their mission. People excited and motivated to help veterans can donate a multitude of things to help the mission of the veteran. Some items may include parts to monitors, peripherals and gift cards for computer parts/ accessories to companies. Donors can also provide consoles, controllers, or any other technology related items that will help the veteran.

Further, we have dedicated computer builders that work hard to bring a veteran a computer setup that will fit their needs. Some setups are very specific in a gamer or streamers needs. This allows GRUNTo Corps to help the veteran by ensuring they can have the equipment necessary for them to succeed.

If you are a veteran in need of our services or know someone who is, you can sign up for the program and empower your self or another deserving veteran by clicking the image below.

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