Success Stories

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NovaRift: “This PC will give me the chance to improve my stream so that I can open up to PS4, Switch, maybe some PC games as well as my Xbox gaming. It will also give me the opportunity to get back onto practicing so I can get back into professional gaming. It also gives me a home base for working on my business that i plan on opening within the next year.”

Alakajam_: “One of my favorite things about the Grunto Corps community is how supportive and encouraging everyone is for each other. Several months ago, my PC started to overheat when I would play certain games. It made streaming almost impossible and had me very worried. Luckily, Actual reached out and let me know that Ph0bes had an extra cooler that he was willing to send to me for free. I received it very quickly which was greatly appreciated and installed in right away. I haven’t had any problems since then”

SPCIronManGamin: “…”